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General Education is one of the major components of undergraduate studies at EdUHK. It aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, values and mindsets required for facing the challenges in their academic and professional life. The programme is so designed that students will strengthen their knowledge base through the Foundation Course, enrich their experiences and broaden their perspectives through taking a wide variety of Breadth and Experiential Learning Courses, and finalize the General Education Programme with a Consolidation Course that fosters critical self-reflection on, and reconceptualization of, learning experiences via the construction of University ePortfolio. While leading students through various stages of intellectual progression, these courses put much emphasis on the development of critical, analytical and creative thinking, communication skills as well as values analysis. Students are advised to familiarize with the intended learning outcomes of different courses in order get the best out of them and lay a strong foundation for exploring the intellectual world.

Dr. Lo Tin Yau, Joe
Director of General Education
The Education University of Hong Kong