General Education Interdisciplinary Courses

Under the new curriculum from 2019/20 onwards, a new key component, namely GE Interdisciplinary Course (GEIC), will be integrated into the GE Breadth Courses and available to students from Year 2 Semester 2 to Year 3 Semester 1. Students need to complete any course in the General Education Breadth Learning Strands (GELS) or Positive and Values Education (PAVE) course before taking GEICs (No pre-requisite for Senior Year Entrants).


Students from 2019/20 cohort onwards will take the GEIC from Year 2 Semester 2 to Year 3 Semester 1. Please click here for the details of GEICs timetable.

Course List
Course Code
Course Title
STEM and its Application on Language Acquisition and Communication
Who Are the Educators in the 21st Century?
Ideals and Reality: Urban Environments
GEI4004 The Ocean Story
GEI4005 Biographical Films: Arts, Societies and Human Development
GEI4006 In Search of the Art of Living in the Digital Age
GEI4007 Time's up: Approaching and Ending Harassment

(Last updated on 8 October, 2020)