Experiential Learning Courses
GEL Experiential Learning Courses

Experiential Learning is introduced to the GE domain from 2019/20 onwards. It comprises Experiential Learning Courses (ELCs) and Co-Curricular and Service Learning Courses (CSLCs).

ELCs encourage students to learn through experimentation, observation, reflection and (re-)conceptualization while undertaking a wide variety of activities. In ELCs, students learn to identify creative possibilities or alternatives of prior experience, and gain out-of-classroom experience.


Please click here for the details of ELC timetable.

Course List

Course Code

Course Title

GEL1001 Exploring Hong Kong’s Rural Heritage and Nature  
GEL1002 Experiencing Ecological Sustainability in Metropolitan City  
GEL1003 Love’s Work- Cultivating Relations with Care 愛的功課-用心栽種關係
GEL1004 Exploring Interactive Design  
GEL1005 Experiencing Local Culture of Hong Kong: Intangible Cultural Heritage, Lifestyle and Identity  
GEL1006 The Miracle of Life  
GEL1008 Organisation of Life Wide Learning Activities  
GEL1011 Study Tour Abroad: Conflict and Peace in Central Europe  
GEL2007 Beyond Books: 21st Century School Libraries as Vibrant Learning Hubs  
GEL2009 The Global and the Local in Contemporary Hong Kong  
GEL2010 Conservation and Management of World Heritage  
GEL2012  Exploring Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications in Education  


^The offering of the ELCs depends on the decision of the hosting departments. The courses contained therein may be offered in any semesters.

^Some out-of-class activities maybe included. Students are advised to reserve at least 1 hour before AND after the scheduled time for possible travel. Please refer to individual course outlines for details.

^For GEL1008, please note that it is similar to the FE taught course “ Enhancing Learning through Other Learning Experiences”. There might be some overlapping in the contents of the two courses.

^For GEL1011 and GEL2010, overseas trip will be required. Students can apply for Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF) to cover part of the expenses. For details and enquiries, please contact the hosting departments.

GEL1011: Department of International Education (2948 7783, ie@eduhk.hk)

GEL2010: Department of Social Sciences (2948 6418, ssc@eduhk.hk)

(Last updated on 4 September, 2020)