Info for Students


Can I take GE Breadth Learning Strands (1-3)/ Positive and Values Education Courses/ Experiential Learning as electives or free choices?

Yes. All students are eligible to select GE Breadth Learning Strands (1-3)/ Positive and Values Education Courses as electives. For Experiential Learning domain, students can only take one EL course as electives or free choices (either CSLC or ELC). Students who wish to register GE Breadth Learning Strands (1-3)/ Positive and Values Education Courses/ Experiential Learning as elective(s) or free choice(s) should contact and notify their Programme Offices after successful registration of the course(s).


Can I add or drop a GE course after the add/drop period?

According to the General Academic Regulations of the Student Handbook, adding or dropping a GE course after the add/drop period (or even after the pre-assignment of GE Foundation Course/ online course registration of University ePortfolio course) is not allowed.


Do I need to retake the same GE Breadth Course(s)/ Experiential Learning/  University ePortfolio course if I receive a grade F?

For GE Breadth Course(s) (GELS/ PAVE Course/ GEIC)/ Experiential Learning (ELC/ CSLC):
You can either retake that GELS/ PAVE Course/ GEIC/ ELC/ CSLC or register the other course(s) in the next cohort.
For University ePortfolio (UePortfolio):
You should approach GE Office for retaking a new UePortfolio course in the next semester/ academic year. Without strong justification(s) for enrolling in a particular UePortfolio course, you will be registered for GEJ4020 “Consolidating Undergraduate Learning through University ePortfolio”.


How can I withdraw from a GE Breadth Course/ Experiential Learning/  UePortfolio course?

Students are permitted to withdraw from the course after the add/drop period (before the examination period) only if they have strong personal reasons. These reasons include serious illnesses or other special reasons indicating that the students are unable to continue their study for a prolonged period. At the same time, students are required to gain the approval from the Course Instructor and Programme Leader/ Coordinator by email or application form (if applicable). The grade W (Withdrawn) will be recorded on the transcripts for successful applicants. For any student who is reported for prolonged absence/not meeting the course attendance policy without any strong personal reason, a grade F (Fail) will be accorded for the course.


What is the major task for assessment of the UePortfolio course?

You will have to produce an annotated UePortfolio based on your own reflections, experiences and stored artefacts from your undergraduate studies. You will have a course advisor who will assist you in constructing your UePortfolios.



What should I do now to prepare for the UePortfolio course?

Starting with the GE Foundation Course, you should keep electronic (soft) copies of all your coursework materials (lecture notes and PowerPoints, classwork, homework, assignments, e-mails to and from teachers, private records of thought-progress, and any other relevant items) for potential inclusion in the UePortfolio course. You can also go a bit further – start building your UePortfolio now to keep all relevant materials in an organised and systematic manner for easy future reference.

(Last updated on 29 Aug, 2019)