University ePortfolio
Under the new curriculum from 2019/20 cohorts onwards, General Education Consolidation Course (GECC) will be phased out and transformed into University ePortfolio (UePortfolio) course. UePortfolio is to be launched and offered to students as full pilot in 2019/20. Thereafter, students from the existing cohorts (cohorts 2018/19 and before) need to register for one UePortfolio course in the original GECC study semester assigned by individual programmes.
UePortfolio is a 3-credit point “capstone” course which requires students approaching the end of their undergraduate studies to reflect critically on the knowledge and skills acquired in their studies – within General Education (GE), in their disciplinary and professional courses, international exchanges, and block practices or internships and in their lives beyond the classroom – and to develop an integrated view of how and where they position themselves in relation to their future goals, plans, and aspirations. Students will be required to submit annotated University ePortfolios (UePortfolios) based on their experiences, reflections and artefacts gathered from their undergraduate studies. The course will enable students to articulate their learning experiences in both formal and non-formal learning, by reflecting critically on the value and significance of what they have learned, making connections to their lives, and imagining or charting their own futures.
Students are not allowed to take UePortfolio together with any exchange programmes, block practices, field experiences or internship programmes. Students can opt for ONE UePortfolio course (from a set of elective courses listed in the “Course List” below)  to be their 3-credit point “capstone” course. All UePortfolio courses will comprise the following Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs).

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)

By the end of the University ePortfolio course, students will be able to:

CILO 1   Communicate (orally and in writing) personally, reflectively and critically about their undergraduate experiences (including, but not restricted to, GE), utilizing the University structures of the Learning Framework drawing on Graduate Attributes, i.e. PEER & I, and GILOs, in particular Critical Thinking and Communication Skills, the GE Learning Outcomes (GELOs);
CILO 2   Make, and reflect critically on, connections between what they have learned in their undergraduate studies and specific aspects of their own lives and experiences beyond the classroom;
CILO 3   Articulate their own beliefs, values and goals in line with directions of developing into a person who can display professional excellence, think critically to make moral judgements, learn and engage in lifelong learning and live a worthwhile life.


The CILOs listed here are extracted from GEJ4020 “Consolidating Undergraduate Learning through University ePortfolio”. CILOs may vary across different UePortfolio courses. For details, please refer to the respective UePortfolio course outline under “Course List”.

Course Structure and Assessment

The UePortfolio course will comprise several class meetings and consultations, but will also involve students working independently and in small work teams. Students will attend 4-5 two-hour class meetings at the beginning of the course to acquire and practise critical thinking and writing skills, and engage in interactive reflective sharing and discussion. Divided into peer study groups, students will then meet with their course supervisors and fellow group-members (as critical friends) in consultation sessions for reflective writing and preparing their individual ePortfolios. Students’ reflective entries, individual presentations and UePortfolios will all be assessed.


Please click here for the details of UePortfolio timetable.

Course List

Course Code Course Title
GEJ4020 Consolidating Undergraduate Learning through University ePortfolio
GEJ4021 The Language We Live by
GEJ4022 Becoming a Language Educator in the Era of Change
GEJ4023 Enhancing Critical Literacy through Current Social Issues
GEJ4024 Towards a Critical Approach to English Language Teaching
GEJ4025 Building your UePortfolio on Multilingual Self and Society
GEJ4026 Culture and Contemporary Life
GEJ4027 Responsible Citizenship in the Global Age
GEJ4028 On Becoming a Cultured and Artistic Person
GEJ4029 Contemporary Issues in the Digital Society
GEJ4030 Building your UePortfolio on Becoming an Environmentally Literate Person
GEJ4031 Change Maker: Transforming Yourself, Community and the World
GEJ4032 Developing Positive Thinking through Reflection
GEJ4033 Narrative Approach to Consolidate University Learning
GEJ4034 Celebrating Educational Success: Making Meaningful Reflections of my Undergraduate Experience
The offering of the UePortfolio courses depends on the decision of the hosting departments. The courses contained therein may be offered in any semesters.

(Last updated on 20 August, 2021)