Cross-faculty Core Course (Component I : Basic Law and National Security Education)

Starting from the academic year of 2024/25, the hosting unit of CFCCI will be transferred from GEO to the National Security and Legal Education Research Centre (NSLERC).

Cross-faculty Core Course (CFCC) will comprise 3 individual components with 1 credit point each and be separately assessed with the aim to widen students’ horizons and enable them to look beyond Hong Kong. In Component I, lectures with topics related to Basic Law / National Security will be arranged; in Component II, students will have the opportunities to undertake visits in Greater Bay Area; in Component III, a variety of themes which are linked to the University’s development niche areas will be offered by Faculties.

The primary objective of this Component I: Basic Law and National Security Education is to broaden students’ knowledge and facilitate their understanding of National Security. In particular, the course will examine the intricate interrelationship between the National Security Law and the Basic Law by surveying its historical development and content. The connection between the National Security Law and the Constitution will also be discussed. The course will build from the fundamental understanding and exposure gained in the GE Foundation Course (GEFC) in their Year 1 study for UGC 4- or 5-year programmes. It also will complement with the entry-year study for the Senior Year programmes. A selection of major themes and topics in National Security that interconnect with students’ own lives will be introduced to facilitate their learning of the multiple dimensions and complexities of the issue.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) 
By the end of the Cross-faculty Core Course, students will be able to:
CILO 1   Identify major themes and topics in National Security and describe various facets of National Security;
CILO 2   Examine Basic Law and the constitutional basis of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, its relationship with the nation, and the latest development of the nation;
CILO 3   Explain the opportunities and challenges of the interactive development between Hong Kong and the Mainland;
CILO 4   Demonstrate a sense of national identity with local, national, and global perspectives by identifying its interconnectedness with the areas of science, technology, sustainable development, public health, etc.
The Structure 

Classes of the Cross-faculty Core Course (Component I : Basic Law and National Security Education) will be composed of weekly face-to-face/ video lectures.

Course Outline (To be update)

Please click here for details. The hosting unit of CFCCI will be transferred to NSLERC starting from the academic year of 2024/25.)

(Last updated on 19 June, 2024)