University ePortfolio: Study Arrangements for Senior Year Entrants

Under the new undergraduate curriculum from 2019/20 onwards, Senior Year Entrants from non-Bachelor of Education (non-BEd) programmes will be required to take ONE University ePortfolio (UePortfolio) course in the study semester assigned by their respective programmes*.


All Senior Year Entrants of 2019/20 cohort and onwards, regardless of which programme (s) they are from, will need to register for the generic UePortfolio course GEJ4020 “Consolidating Undergraduate Learning through University ePortfolio”. Specific GEJ4020 groups would be open to Senior Year Entrants only for registration. Please click here for the course outline of GEJ4020.

Before the Online Course Registration (CR) Period, GEO will inform eligible students details of the specific GEJ4020 groups, including their CRNs, that they can enroll into during the Online CR Period. Students should follow the instructions from GEO to ensure successful course registration.

Rationales behind the Registration Arrangements

Below are the two considerations for the abovementioned arrangements:

  • Amongst all the existing UePortfolio courses, GEJ4020 is deemed most suitable for Senior Year Entrants as its more generic nature and flexibility in contents can better meet the learning needs of students coming from different disciplines to reflect on their learning experiences. GEJ4020 would enable the Senior Year Entrants to have a wider choice of experiences that they can include in their Individual UePortfolios despite their relatively shorter study period at EdUHK.
  • As Senior Year Entrants have their unique study pathways and knowledge acquired prior to taking the course, teaching staff with experiences of teaching Senior Year Entrants would be invited to be their UePortfolio supervisors so as to provide them with appropriate support and guidance.


If you have any enquiries about the registration arrangement, please contact GE Office at

*Please check with your programme office the assigned study semester for UePortfolio