Co-curricular and Service Learning Courses
GEM Co-curricular and Service Learning Courses

Experiential Learning is introduced to the GE domain from 2019/20 onwards. It comprises Experiential Learning Courses (ELCs) and Co-Curricular and Service Learning Courses (CSLCs).

CSLCs provide students with an opportunity to engage in learning in action and through action in real-life or work-place context while complementing, connecting with, and mirroring their learning experiences derived from formal curriculum.


Please click here for the details of CSLC timetable.

Course List

Course Code Course Title
GEM1001 Health Promotion Practice  
GEM1002 Physical Activity for Health  
GEM1003 Healthy Eating in Action  
GEM1005 Service Based Learning for School SEN Students 體驗學習:教導學校特殊學習需要學生
GEM1006 Understanding Social Disadvantages Through Services 體驗學習:認識弱勢社群
GEM1007 Exploring Workplace Competency  
GEM1011 Religions in Hong Kong: Experience and Reality  
GEM1012 Intergenerational Learning through Service with the Elderly  
GEM1013 Encountering Museums 博物館的邂逅
GEM1014 Walking with the Handicapped  
GEM1015 Partnerships with Agencies in Communities 與社福機構同行
GEM1016 Intercultural Sensitivity and Social Innovation  
GEM1017 Musical Arts in Action 音樂動起來
GEM1019 Community Service-based Learning in STEM Education  
GEM1020 Enhancing Leadership by Organizing Mathematics Activities  
GEM1021 Enhancing Leadership by Organizing Coding Education Activities  
GEM1024 Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude through Practicing Thankfulness in Service Learning  
GEM1025 Understanding Children Growth in Low Income Families  
GEM1026 Conservation and Ecotourism  
GEM1027 Understanding Hong Kong’s Environmental Performance through Practice 從實踐中認識香港的環境表現
GEM1028 Service-based Learning in a Life-wide Education Programme on Nature  
GEM1029 Understanding linguistic and related barriers through services to socially disadvantaged children  
GEM1030 Transforming Children Through Reading Stories in English  
GEM1031 Implementation of Whole Person Development through Drama 透過戲劇實踐全人教育
GEM1032 Effective Public Speaking  
GEM1033 Understanding and Coping with Post-Crisis Stress 危機之後
GEM1034 Enriching English-learning Environments in Hong Kong Schools 改善香港學校英文學習環境
GEM1035 In search of narratives in life 尋找生命的故事
GEM1036 Developing Leadership through Service Learning  
GEM1038 Language Carnival 語文嘉年華
GEM1039 Drama as a Creative Teaching Strategy in the Language Classroom 創意戲劇策略與語文教室
GEM1040 Service Learning and Civic Engagement  
GEM1041 Service Learning in International Schools  
GEM2009 Service-learning for Supporting Individuals with Communication, Literacy and Learning Difficulties  
GEM2010 Practice Engagement of Special Educational Needs 特殊教育需要的實踐參與
GEM2018 Music, Health and Wellbeing 康健樂人生
GEM2022 Promoting Digital Citizenship at Secondary Level  
GEM2023 Reportage and Oral History Writing in Chinese 中文報道及口述歷史寫作
GEM2037 Story Reading in Chinese to Non-Chinese-Speaking (NCS) Children  

Mental Health Preparation for Teaching and Related Disciplines

(Mainly English for lectures with Cantonese for practical component)


^The offering of the CSLCs depends on the decision of the hosting departments. The courses contained therein may be offered in any semesters.

^Some out-of-class activities maybe included. Students are advised to reserve at least 1 hour before AND after the scheduled time for possible travel. Please refer to individual course outlines for details.

(Last updated on 4 Feburary, 2021)